Milou + Olin associate photographer Don Doblados

Hi I’m Don!

Carpe that diem! That’s Don’s favorite phrase. Don takes on the role of the associate wedding photographer and is available to photograph weddings under the Milou + Olin team. He is also Caroline’s second shooter when he isn’t out photographing his own weddings. Don’s been cooking up adventure ever since he can remember. A gastronomic geek, he even attended culinary school to pursue his dream as a ninja master of breads and baking.

To enable his artistic and creative side (and to earn some bread—sorry, we went there), he put aside aprons for apertures and leavening for lenses. Nobody minds, though; when he’s not checking out the latest bowtie to add to his growing collection or man-crushing on cars and autosports, he’s creating kick ass photography.

Balancing Milou + Olin’s aesthetics with positive male energy, he totally blends into any scene, whether he’s letting his saucy sense of humor loose, getting smacked by floral bouquets, or showing his killer taste in hip hop music. What’s more, his wedding work with Milou + Olin is already being featured on blogs.

Things I love…

The happiness life brings me, and photographing it
Art, Music, and Gastronomy.
The Art of cooking.
The Science of baking.
Nerdin’ out on cars and autosports.
Jamming on my guitar.
Precious moments shared with people I really care about.
The Fresh Coast, California.
Being in the presence of two people that love each other.
Traveling and experiencing the local culture.
The great works of the greatest visual producers around the world.
Friends, and absolutely family.